Sarah Daywitt


I became a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner to educate myself and others about the power of real food, and how to go about making healthier choices. I had underestimated the results I was going to experience from shifting my own eating. After the birth of my twin girls in 2008, I entered the extreme zone of panic attacks, ruminating thoughts, and non-stop worry. I felt as if a current of electricity was buzzing through my body at all times, my stomach was upset, and I couldn't shut off my brain. I chose medication after what felt was a losing battle for almost 4 years.

After sailing through 3 years of the medicated life, I wanted off the boat. Learning about gut health and hormone balance through nutrition lit a lightbulb for me. I started with small and consistent food changes, replacing bad with better and finally best choices. 

Fast forward to today, over 2 years later with staying consistent (fine, truth is 80% of the time), I am off of my antidepressant (with the help of my doc), my chronic hip and back pain is very rare, and I am down 20 lbs which was never my focus. Best of all, I haven't had the reoccurring and debilitating monthly panic attacks that I did in the past. I had no idea that my dietary changes would have such a huge impact on the quality of my life and mental well being.

Alright, enough about me, let's talk about you and why you're here! I'd love to help you get your shift together, too.